Travian bot FAQ

  • How to start Bot?

    Hit "Create bot", fill the form and wait about 5 minutes. After it you will be able to manage you bot.

  • How many bots can I have?

    Now we do not limit the number of bots.

  • Why is the bot free?

    Bot is a new project. We are testing new features and fixing bugs found.

    We are interested in a large number of people starting to use our product.

    We do not plan to introduce payment for using the bot yet. But at the same time, we pay server rent and developers' salaries.

    If you are ready to help financially, please write to

  • What can a bot do?

    The "Fast Second Village" strategy is now available.

    Add a new account and the bot will build a second village automatically.

  • Will new features be added?

    Strategies for dealing with a large number of villages are coming soon.

  • How does the bot align resources?

    The bot determines the type of resource with the minimum amount. Then it will try to build resource fields for this resource.

    For example, if the account has the least amount of clay, then the bot will build clay fields in those villages where possible.

    After that, the bot in the market will try to distribute resources equally in all villages.

  • How does the bot build buildings?

    The construction queue tab shows the existing buildings in each village.

    For each building, you can select the desired level to which the building should be built.

    Select the desired level and click save.

  • How does the bot send farm?

    Bot send farm via Gold club farm lists.

    Bot detects existing lists and you select the necessary

  • Nothing works for me. What to do?

    We are trying to fix bugs related to changes in the game and add new features to the bot.

    If you spot a bug, please let us know: Traviboost Discord,

  • How can I help the project?

    You can tell us which features you are missing the most and we will try to add them.

    Subscribe to our social networks. Tell your alliance about our bot.